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Fate Alchemy  |  Ace Blankenship

Genre: Dark Comedy  | PG-13

Synopsis: A dark comedy that unfolds with a whirlwind of vulgarity and ill-fated circumstance. A deal to chase the American dream diminishes as our three protagonists try to work their way out of an unfortunate event that spawns many to come.

Best of the Festival   |   Spotlight International Film Festival (Ongoing)

Genre: ALL | [NR]

Synopsis: Collection of the best of the fest!

Winners and finalists from 2021, - from dark comedy to inspirational...

Brian Blum ...("My Daughter Yoshiko")

Silvia Mañes ...("Cazando Gamusions")

Kent Morita ...("My Daughter Yoshiko")

Minsun Park ...("Sidepiece")

Josiah Sampson ...("Hive Mind")

Teddy Tenenbaum ...("Sidepiece")

Alan Tregoning ...("A Dangerous Profession")

David Trujillo ...("Stop the Bus aka Petit Bac")

Featuring: Sean Astin, D.B. Sweeney and Michael Muhney

Vol 1-5 in post production


The Ride  |  Joe Costa,  Denise Costa,  Patrick Moore & Adam Ninyo

Genre: Thriller/ Psychological Drama / Faith Film

Synopsis: Alone and afraid, a young woman (Savanah Jockel) with a child is left with a frightening dilemma after an accidental hit and run.

Featuring: Dean Cain, D.B. Sweeney, Dee and Paul Sorvino (in his last film)!

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 9.51.28 AM.png

Disencumber  |  Adam Ninyo

Genre: Crime/Drama

Synopsis: Out of options and out of cash, two best friends - a jaded wannabe filmmaker and an idealistic PhD candidate - contemplate robbing their drug dealer.

Disencumber 4x3.png
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